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Category: Strategy

Benefits of my way of per pixel destruction:1. Perfect performance60 fps, 0% cpu after 450 explosions on my old PC.60 fps, 1% cpu after 550 explosions.In real game, I bet, 50-100 e [...]
Walka Walka won't hold me back anymore, ITS BACK BABY!Race up the mountain and give the baby what it RIGHTFULLY deserves!The Instructions[K/] are in game you absolute, blue bal [...]
It's basically Atari Breakout.... Upgraded?[Left and Right Arrow] Move side to side[Mouse] Hit retryDO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER KEYS!!!
there are 2 levels, level 1 is easier, you click the left of the mouse to move, you have to dodge the spikes and stay in the screen, level 1's max is 75, Level 2's max scor [...]
Collect the gold jars untill you fulfil the target and save Fatimah! Avoid the bomb so you won't lose your lives. Happy playing!Left Arrow to go LeftRight Arrow to go RightUp A [...]
Place towers and defend the waves of zombies1.Click to start2.Click on tower then Click on were you want to place if you have enough money3.Have fun :P
Dragons of Atlantis invites you into an ancient world, brimming with magic and mystery. There is, however, something rotten in this far-off land, shrouded by the mists of time, as [...]
Welcome to Family Barn! A game about true country living. Featuring the cutest of barn animals that you can pet and grow on your farm! Are you prepared to be the best farmer in tow [...]
Squad based defense game! Strategically choose your squad members, upgrade their abilities, utilize each of their unique skills and destroy an army of mad robots.Explained in-game. [...]
The kingdom is under the attack of huge devastating giants and relentless waves of enemies. Build multistoried towers to defend against the attack and take advantage of the environ [...]