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蘇州市 成立年份:2011




      Sinnotech is the most creative and most reliable precise and super precise plastic solution provider.
      Sinnotech, which is located in SIP near Yangcheng Lake, is founded in October, 2010 with first investment of 25 million RMB. Sinnotech is a research production-oriented enterprise devotes itself to R&D super precise plastic injection molding technology primarily.
      Sinnotech makes Switzerland‘s advancedR&D and design concept as a benchmark. We provide comprehensive and optimization solution contains product concept, product design, mold making, production, product packaging, after-sales support to many industries. For example, the industries are automotive, medical, optics, aviation and so on. Our main products are superprecise plastic injection mold, the superprecise plastic automobile parts, superprecise medical equipment, superprecise gear pump etc.
      Our target is global market. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the important emerging markets and at the same time China‘s market demand is increasing.At the beginning we rely on domestic market.We will not only satisfy domestic precision manufacturing industry’s demand ofsuperprecise components but also establish high-quality brand. Then we will fully replace import. In the future, we will set sales office in USA and Netherland and expand Europe and America market step by step.
      We havean experiencedmanagement and technology teambothinChina and Switzerland. As a technical production enterprise, we will insiston innovation and the pursuit of excellence. To achieve our goal we will continue to invest on R&D, and use advanced production and testing equipment,then gradually realize automation production.
      Our logo,Sinnotech , has profound meanings. “S”on one hand means Suzhou where Sinnotech start and develop from. On the other hand, it means Seakou, our technical center. “inno” means innovation what we insist on. “tech” means technology that we focus on.
      Sinnotech它擁有者深刻的含義?!癝”代表蘇州(Suzhou),一方面意味著星諾奇是從蘇州崛起的,蘇州是培育和發展星諾奇的一方沃土,另一方面也代表著我們的技術支持Seakou。 “inno”代表創新(Innovation ),寓意星諾奇將不斷創新進取?!眛ech”代表科技(Technology), 代表星諾奇以科技研發為重點。